About Me

  • Basically, as per divisions of communities, I am a "Kansara". Our job is to make Utensils. After Graduating in commerce, in 1988 my career began. In the formative years I took to profession of sales representative and served in different firms.

    My father was a leading astrologer. His fame had spread far and wide, yet I simply ignored his profession and his genius, too. But, my destiny desired to take a new turn. After changing many a job which were not to my satisfaction, mentally and economically also, my revered father asked me to learn Astrology. He himself taught me to prepare the horoscopes upto "Shadvargiy - Janmpatrika" and "Varshfalam".

  • According to about slogan I completely realised that there is no value of hard work without "Good Fate" became the guiding principle of my life. My renowned father Shri Kantibhai adds rider to this and clarifies that even at present he is a firm exponent of Karmyog. But the principle of active by invisible hand and 'Good luck' has precedence over exertions (Karmyog) is certain; believe it or not.

    They clarified many "knots" in the Janma kundli and gave clear picture regarding the 'yogas' 'gocharfal' 'dasha maha dasha' 'muharta shastra' etc. This developed self confidence in myself giving much of respect and credit to my father Kantilal Kansara. During that time I was increase and share my knowledge with my father who is eager to learn Astrology.

About Astrology

  • In almost all civilizations and developed cultures the science of foretelling future was cultivated, be it Sumer, Egypt, Babylone, Indus, China or Greece. But never so deep and so mathematically correct this science was developed in any other country except India. Our Rishis and Acharyas were at the top in many a faculty of science, like Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Astrology. Since times immemorial man wondered about the moving and comparatively steady objects, twinkling in the sky by night; from this he started calculating the speed and exact positions of the planets, various zodiacs and constellations; from this Astrology developed.

    The greatness of our sages lies in the fact that they studied it so deep that they could ascertain the effect of the starts even on non-living substances. Not only this but research goes on in this science from the Vedic Age to this date..

    The basic idea underlying this research was to serve the community at large. Atharva-ved depicts Jyotish-Astrology- as the fourth organ of Vedas out of six. It is called Netra (eye) of the community. According to the Vedas the movement and the Drashti Avm Vedh (aspects and conjunctions) of the stars do affect not only the humanity, but the forces of nature even like rains, cold, heat etc.