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No astrologer or palmist is the God himself. He has his own limitations, so anybody asking questions, should never think that he contacts the God himself. In facts, the Astrology or the Palmistry is based on certain rules & calculations.                              



Market Forecast & Rashi Prediction (dt. 1-1-2013 to 15-1-2013)


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The author, Shri Kantibhai Kansara developed interest in Jyotish shastra (Astrology) since childhood. As if the God has destined him for this, or due to his excellence in the field in the preceding births, the author started referring various books on astrology, from 1959, the age of 17 years, since boyhood. Of course the Kansaras being utensils makers, they are not supposed to follow this profession. More so, there was nobody in the neighborhood or in his caste, or in the family to guide him in this line.